"Mother of The Bride. 
Polite, friendly, timely, expert service. Judith took great care to help me design my special outfit. My dress is classy, beautifully designed and made and fits beautifully. I recommend Judith's skills and expertise! Thank you Judith."

— Katep702, WOMO

"Judith is amazing. She has done a fantabulous job creating my wedding dress. It has been such a pleasure working with her. I would highly recommend anyone who has an idea no matter how impossible you think it might be to come to her and she works her magic"

--- Sharmilar, WOMO


"Bought my gown from the wonderful Bluebell Bridal and Judith came as a recommendation for alterations. She did a wonderful job in taking it in to fit my body perfectly! Would definitely recommend her work."

— Aanas937, WOMO

"Judith is amazing, approachable, fast and extremely friendly. She designed me a custom gown for an event in Hollywood later this month and I could not be happier! Highly recommended."

— Ashleau, WOMO


I have a particular budget for my bridal dress, can I still have a dress made by JPC?

Yes, you can still organise an appointment with Judith because at JPC they gather experience for many years and they will help do their best to adapt to your budget.

Can I send some inspirational pictures from Pinterest?

Yes, you can as we can put together a mood board of your inspirations so we can work on creating your dream dress.

If I don’t have my own fabric to bring with me, how does it work?

At JPC we have many years of expertise with fabrics. We work together with 10 fabric suppliers around Melbourne. All you need to do send us a photo of your favourite wedding dress and we will find you the right fabric.

What happen during my initial appointment with Judith?

The first initial appointment with the designer will clear out your design and you will be quoted for the complete cost of the bridal gown. We understand how busy each bride is, therefore we optimise your time. Also, you will be given a timeline for the work progression and payment plan.

How many fittings will I have?

Most of the dresses are simplified into 3 stages 1- Mockup trial 2- Real dress trial 3- Final trial

Can I bring a guest with me for fittings?

Absolutely, you can bring a friend or family member to share this unique moment with them.

What is the payment plan at JPC?

We work as follow on a base of 2 to 3 payments:

1) Initial deposit 2) Partial payment 3) final balance

What do I need to bring for my fittings?

We recommend you to bring the following items:

- Shoes - Bra (if you will need one) usually dress has inserted cups - Discrete underwear (skin colour) - Veil if you use one

I travel overseas, will I get my wedding gown protected in a travel bag?

Yes, we supply bridal zipped travel bag which will ensure the protection of your wedding gown.

Can I recommend my mother to make her a dress?

You absolutely can, we are also specialised in all bridal party dresses like mother of the bride.