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Vulnerable is Beautiful - Bride Story

Marriage is another Beautiful Journey of Life.

Story of one such Beautiful Bride.

"I always had fear within me, that would anyone marry me for who I am. I kept placing my insecurities on blaming others for my failure. Then came a day when I met someone, who I wanted to marry. Without realizing that I still have a lot to work to do within myself, in order to make this a lasting and happy one, I started looking out for validations and confirmations. I had this strange confidence (vulnerability) that was clouded by fear and low life state. I met Judith for the first time, and she agreed to design my first wedding gown. She took extreme care and spent time in understanding, how I wanted my wedding gown to look like. A gorgeous gown was created by her and for my wedding day, I was enamored by what I was going to wear.



Something went wrong, and the wedding was called off.

I started blaming the wedding gown, for the failure of my wedding. I refused to get on the phone to talk to Judith or any of my friends as once again I was clouded by fear, guilt, and doubts. Vulnerability surrounded me and got within me.

Judith has been extremely compassionate about this entire situation. She reminded me that it was not the end of the world.

Times changed and I did meet the love of my life.

I called Judith and requested if she could design another wedding gown for me. She took an active approach and took out time to understand how I felt at this stage and instilled courage and strength for a beautiful journey ahead. The wedding dress highlighted the beauty that was within me and it was a magnificent day of my life.

I believe vulnerability is an expensive ornament that shows the different spectrums of beauty that lies within us. Being Vulnerable is also a part of being beautiful and it is okay to feel this way.

Thank you, Judith, for a beautiful wedding dress, it has been 4 years of a very happy wedding-family life. Blessed!

" Images: @JudithPenakCouture

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