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Story of Gorgeous Bride Eunice - Unedited.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Our Heavenly Father makes everyone unique. There is no carbon copy and I am very aware of His great love for me and all other people.  I hope I reflect that in the way I live.

I got married for the first time in my life.  A lot of thought went into this occasion. A colleague said to me that it was a very happy wedding “We all left there feeling good”. 

Two homes had to be packed up with one having to be renovated at that time. It was done with help from friends. It was a busy three months as I had almost 90 guests including those from interstate and overseas to consider and the wedding garments to be made.

It was a real pleasure working with Judith as my couturier. I had a real sense of excitement about getting married when I visited her in the midst of the busyness of wedding preparations. 

The wedding was set off with the beautiful gown that Judith Penak sculptured for me. Judith was very sensitive to what suited my age and physique with several excellent ideas on how to improve on my basic design.  Being an older bride I wanted to style, combined with class, quality, and modesty. Judith worked with all of my requirements and the dress turned out perfectly. Allan said to me “That dress..was amazing, stunning”.

My take on how to remain positive amidst Covid 19 pandemic: I have had great peace, no fear, and a great sense of purpose in my life in the midst of this crisis. I am a person who was prepared a long time ahead for this as my Bible forewarned me as to what was coming. I have, I believe, a Divine assurance that, for me, all will be well. Actually It has been a real-time to trust in my God to care for me, those I love, and pray for those around the world coping with this disaster.

Psalms 23 and 91 in the Holy Bible has promises from God for those who put their trust in Him to help them in this terrible time.

Honour marriage. It is a Divine Institution from the Creation of the world. I wanted to honour my God and honour Allan with our wedding. This continues throughout our marriage after all it is not all about me. Being open with each other is important also to work as a team in our endeavours.

Idea and Concept: Poonam Sheth

Image Copyrights: JudithPenakCouture

Contents: Eunice

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