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Beautiful Tales from Beautiful Brides: COVID 19

Updated: May 5, 2020

Our Beautiful Bride "Amy" - Story Today

She is a different person as she says, "Upon reflection, I feel that my perception of love is relatively unchanged. However, the amount of love that I feel and am undoubtedly truly surrounded by is incredibly generous, forthcoming, and immense."

Her achievement in the same year as COVID 19 has been a beautiful and positive one.

"I am actually quite proud (and at times surprised) about our ability to plan a wedding and communicate this! I thought we had created a really “simple” wedding, and whilst nothing was complex in its nature or deliverance, it turns out that all those little things had inadvertently created a day that was such an amazing reflection of us as individuals and as a couple."

Amy's marriage was unique, as she says, "Judith’s natural ability to visualize the dream wedding dress I had created in my head, combined with her unwavering enthusiasm was all the comfort and content that I needed to be confident in the marriage style that I desired. She made it come to life in such a heart-warming way with no challenge or detail too great. She helped this farmer create a dress that I never wanted to take off!

Amy's take on COVID 19 life these days: "To remain positive is to think positively. Find all those little (or big) details that are GOOD things to happen in this ever-changing world. Be grateful for what you do have and try not to focus on what you don’t. At times things will seem rather unachievable, but I really challenge you to just stop and think for a minute about all the great things in your life, and then go forward."

"Trust yourself to let your dreams come to life. Never forget your love and always remember and create those happy times!" - Amy

Idea and Concept: Poonam Sheth

Image Copyrights: JudithPenakCouture

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